Search engine optimization so that you can be found optimally on Google & Co.

Your brand , products , services and jobs deserve the best SEO optimization!

Which one suits your needs better? The direct oneContactto our certified SEO experts or read more detailed information about our search engine optimization services beforehand . Then please read on.

By the way: PromoMasters is Austria’s first agency to specialize in search engines as early as 1999. With offices in Vienna and Salzburg, you look after 18 SEO specialists in German and English. #wirsindSEO #PromoMasters # 20years

Search engine optimization analysis

At the beginning of our cooperation there is one SEO analysisYour website. PromoMasters checks for search engine optimization from Google, Bing, Yandex and Baidu for example:

  1. The recommended domain routing for search engines, backlinks and users
  2. Website technology and speed
  3. Texts and keywords of the content
  4. URLs and link structure of the content
  5. Website visitors and bounce rate
  6. Mobile friendliness
  7. Backlinks of the website

and other important points for users and search engines.

You receive a clear search engine analysis for you and your web agency / advertising agency sorted by priorities and areas of responsibility. This SEO analysis includes onpage and offpage measures for the search engine ranking of your company homepage.

Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization comprises two areas:

1.  Onpage optimization

Measures on your website such as texts, their structure and internal links (information architecture). The common goal is to match the search intent and search algorithms. For a good ranking, barrier-free content is created for users and search engines such as Google, Bing, Yandex and Baidu.

2.  Offpage optimization

The optimization of the links to your site and the construction of popularity in the Internet / PageRank are signals to search engines. In addition, they drive traffic to your website. Listings in important local business directories, pages and blogs as well as social media are the backlinks to your site and part of an optimal link structure.

We find SEO potentials that our experts discuss and implement with you or for you in cooperation with your web agency and website technology.

Search engine optimization advice

SEO advicedepends on your needs. As marketing in the company , you need current experience in technical areas, e-commerce or the solution of existing weak points.

Or you are a web agency and choose us as your partner for search engine optimization consulting in order to successfully relaunch your customer. They bring us to save rankings / positions that have been lost. We find problem areas and optimization potential, which we discuss with you and implement together for your customer.

The advantages of the optimization result for you in a higher search presence or visibility on the Internet and thus more visitors / users on your website. In the course of the project you will receive one for your

  • Order of magnitude (quota of hours) appropriate
  • according to priorities
  • as well as areas of responsibility suitable advice

for you and your agency.

Local Marketing – Local SEO

Local SEO Marketing increases the findability of your company in keyword search queries that are regionally shaped such as “performance location”. This can be a shop, a practice, a law firm or a hotel. We bring customers from the Internet to your business.

For local search engine optimization, we create and maintain entries in the important regional portals and map services. We optimize the content on your website so that it matches the search queries.

Constant updating of the link structure, content such as design, images and the branches of the local entries guarantees that it is up to date and optimizes visibility in local search engines. With our measures in local marketing, we ensure that you reach your customers online. Even if you run a local shop (trend 2021).

Tip from our search engine experts

Whether you have a general question about online marketing or you already have a specific concern about Google & Co, we look forward to your Call or your e-mail. There are no costs before an order is placed with PromoMasters. Our experts also organize seminars.

FAQ – Questions about search engine optimization

FAQ: You have the option Ask questions which we answer as FAQ

What is SEO and SEA?

SEO(Search Engine Optimization) describes all measures that are carried out on and outside a website in order to optimize its search engine ranking. The resulting website visitors are free of charge.SEA(Search Engine Advertising) is search engine advertising and paid advertisements are placed. This is mostly based on keywords in conjunction with ad texts. Payment is made per click to the website.

What is SEO Optimization?

SEO is short for search engine optimization ( S earch  E ngine  O ptimization). The interaction of the technical requirements of a webpage, of texts and usability plays a special role. This is to ensure that a brand, a company’s services, products and jobs are easily found in search engines such as Google, Bing, Yandex, Baidu etc. The ranking of a website should be optimized, i.e. stabilized and improved.

Through targeted Onpage and Offpage Optimization is achieved so that a page constantly receives new free visitors.

What is onpage optimization?

On-page optimization refers to those measures that are carried out directly on your webpage. To start with, a keyword analysis ensures that the correct search words appear in the texts of the iamdigitalninja seo in delhi.

Internal links lead site visitors to additional information with just one click, which will stay on the site longer and ultimately use your services. By incorporating meta tags, the search result is presented in a more informative manner in order to increase the attractiveness of your webpage and thus its ranking.

What is offpage optimization?

Are you looking for a product on the Internet and can you find the product and information about it in various web directories, on social media, in blogs or on other websites? These search results are the result of offpage optimization and increase the popularity of your website on the Internet. Offpage optimization generates more visitors to your website.

Do I get a better search engine ranking through meta tags?

NO – it increases the click rate. Meta tags are the information that is displayed as snippets in search results. By using meta tags that are ideal for users, the number of visitors increases.

If the meta title and meta description match the expectations of the searcher, they will linger on the website. We regard the click rate and length of stay as a long-term Google ranking factor / quality factor.

What does SEO optimization cost?

The monthly costs are usually between 500 euros and 5,000 euros. SEO optimization is know-how, analysis and work. This takes time. Agencies charge between 85 and 125 euros per hour (mixed rate).

The price per hour depends on the qualifications of the respective employee. If search engines are already taken into account when creating a website or its update, then the additional costs for SEO amount to 0 euros.

With many websites, long-term optimization can be achieved with a monthly investment of 5 hours or more. A monthly budget of around 500 euros can therefore answer the question “What does an SEO optimization cost?” answer for beginners. A comparable budget has to be used for advertisements such as Google Ads.


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