Kakegurui is one of the most popular anime netflix since its release. It is a clever and fascinating anime that distinguishes itself from all other Netflix anime. But will we like Netflix in the second season?

What is Kakegurui?

Kakegurui Season 2: When is it going to be available on Netflix?


This drunken show follows the obsessive player Yumeko Jabami. In her second year she enters the elite private academy Hyakkaou and at first sight she seems beautiful and cheerful. But soon we will learn that she is a very capable obsessive player. The school, which establishes its hierarchy with playful human skills, is turned upside down because Yumeko’s skills are too much for many, and then it passes to the student council, which tries to keep its mouth shut like crazy.

Squadron Kakegurui 2 Status extension:

Kakegurui season 2 has officially been extended to season 2.

Kakegurui Season 2 Issue date:

Kakegurui’s second season isn’t that far away. The first of 12 new episodes will take place on the 13th. June 2019 expected at Netflix.

What can we expect from Kakegurui for the second season?

Kakegurui Season 2: When is it going to be available on Netflix?


At the end of the first season, the chairman of the Student Council announced the dissolution of the Student Council. This will certainly affect the balance of power and leave a large void in the school hierarchy. Elections are expected and the future of the school is, as can be expected, determined by the game.

Who is the cast of Kakegurui?

All actors of the first season return to the second season.

Yumeko – Saori Hayami
Maria – Minami Tanaka
Ryota – Tatsuya Tokutake
Midari – Maria Ise
Kirari – Miyuki Sawashiro
Runa – Maiu Udono
Ririka Miyuki Sawashiro
Kede Tomokazu Sugita
Yuki Wakai



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