Hi-Score Girl is back for her second season. Discover here the details of what to expect and what to expect!


In the past Netflix didn’t attract many cartoon fans, but since 2018 the situation has changed – there are many decent Japanese animated films. One of the biggest hits is a small series called Hi-Score Girl. As for the anime, it’s a carefree series that attracts a large audience. The artistic style was impressive, and the end of the rock made many of us wait for the light at the end of the tunnel. However, many anime have never been updated for the second season, including the original Netflix. Due to the limited appeal of the name, many fans wondered if we would see more of this particular anime based on video games. Fortunately we got this glimmer of hope when Netflix announced the release of the second season of Hi-Score Girl.

About a girl. Always about the girl.

Hi-Score Girl Season 2: Release Date and Renew status


The protagonist, however, is not a girl. Yaguchi, a typical gamer, is terrible in all other life except video games, especially Street Fighter II. However, his position as number one player throws a novice in his school, the handsome but mysterious Ono. The couple becomes a rival and starts to challenge each other, which leads to the development of their feelings. But since he leaves for the United States and Yaguchi stays in Japan, it seems like a curtain for the couple. When she comes back years later, she realizes that everything has changed drastically and that Yaguchi, like him now, is no longer the boy she left behind.

Netflix Original front.

Hi-Score Girl Season 2: Release Date and Renew status


The idea is that many of us who are obsessed with video games in high school can relate to them. However, it is important to note that the series is not produced by Netflix, even though it is classified as Netflix Original. J.C.’s staff is responsible for the production of anime. It is based on the manga of which the first season covers 27 of the 51 chapters of the original graphic novel. The source material means that we get the 2 seasons we wanted, but there are also rumors about 3 OVA’s in production. Considering the amount of content that is still in the manga, we can expect more of this name in the coming years.

What We Expect in Hello Girl Season02 Episode

Hi-Score Girl Season 2: Release Date and Renew status


Yaguchi, the poor man he is, still has feelings for Ono, but at the end of the first season, his best friend Hidaka also announced his love for him and left our protagonist in a difficult video game. She’s the only girl who could beat him in Street Fighter II, but Hidaka put everything on the line with her challenge. If she wins, Yaguchi will be her friend. The love triangle between these three has warmed up and it will take a second season to decide what will happen between them.

When is it coming out?

Hi-Score Girl Season 2: Release Date and Renew status


Netflix has not set a release date for the second season of this major series, but estimates suggest a spring/summer 2020 release date. If you haven’t seen the series yet, it’s time to catch up for next season!

Is it worth it?

Hi-Score Girl Season 2: Release Date and Renew status


If you were one of us who went to slot machines after school in the ’90s, that anime would probably come back. It’s not realistic in any part of your imagination (who has ever heard of the IFC expert who has TWO girls interested in her), but it’s fun. It is a unique escape that appeals to a certain demography of observers who like to see themselves in the lead, at least a little bit. If you’re not a player, it’s still a nice anime about a love triangle, so what have you got to lose?

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