Companies and service providers who have recognized the Internet as part of their marketing strategy cannot avoid search engine optimization today.

Why is optimization important!

Simply put, SEO can be translated as the language of search engines. Positioning based on the content is only possible if the search engine can understand the content of the website.

SEO tips

This guide will give you tips for optimizing your own website and we will give you an overview of why search engine optimization is more important than ever today.

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An SEO guide for entrepreneurs and website owners. Tips to improve search engine visibility.

Although search engine optimization is not a new topic and a large number of service providers are now active on the market, many companies either do not perceive it, dismiss it as too complex or postpone it to an undefined later point in time because the priority is not recognized. The consequence of this is lost sales and customers.

What does SEO mean – and what can SEO do for corporate goals?

SEO is the abbreviation for S earch e ngine o ptimization

or in German

Optimizing content for search engines = search engine optimization.

Behind a search engine there is first of all a database in which the relevant information on a website is stored in order to be able to find it by querying it.

The information stored in the search engine is the focal point of whether and under which terms a website can be found. The better and more targeted the information, the higher the probability of being found. Search engine optimization is a process that is specially designed to make a website understandable for search engines and to improve it. This process will help you find your website under the correct terms.

Basics of SEO optimization – how you can help Google and Co.

SEO experts differentiate between on-page and off-page optimization. While on-page optimization affects all measures that relate to improvements to your own website, off-page optimization affects all links that lead from external websites to your own website and thus increase the reputation of your own website. Targeted optimization helps Google, Yahoo, Bing and many other search engines to better understand the information on the website.

While errors in on-page measures can be corrected quickly, off-page measures should be carried out with foresight. Offpage reflects the neighborhood of a website and behaves similarly to a house in a residential area.

If your website is in a bad neighborhood, it will affect your website too. The reverse is also true: a good and affluent seo consultant near me increases the reputation and value of your own website.

That is why search engine optimization is important!

Anyone who searches the Internet will quickly understand why SEO is so important. As a rule, when you search, you will click on an entry that is among the first two to three results of your search. As a consequence, this means that your website should also be placed high up in order to attract visitors to the page.

Additional reasons:

  • Search engines are the most common instrument for obtaining information. This makes SEO the most important channel for acquiring new customers.
  • Users who come via a search engine can be seen in a similar way to a customer visit in their own shop. There is a high level of motivation to buy something or use a service.
  • For many companies, the visitor numbers come from the search engine. In Germany this is Google with more than 90%. One reason why the word googling was includedin the German vocabulary.
  • Google is grateful: A website that is optimized in every respect leads to sustainable positions in the search engine. Once a position has been reached, it can last for years.

Rely on the market leader Google

In Germany, with over 92%, Google is the leading search engine for obtaining information and therefore search engine optimization is a “must do” for this provider. Yahoo followed by a long way with 2.5% and Bing with around 2.3%.

Google has been in the search engine business since 1988 and uses databases of several petabytes (1 petabyte = 1000 terabytes). There are trillions of Internet sites in the Google database and one of the largest research departments in the world that deals with search queries is part of Google.

When evaluating a search query, around 200 factors are used to weight and present the search result. Which factors and how they are used in the evaluation is a well-guarded trade secret of the search engine giant in order to prevent manipulation in the search.

The goal of Google: The user comes first

Google claims for itself to deliver the searcher the best result for his search. To achieve this goal, Google analyzes relevant search terms and compares them with relevant pages. The better the website fits, the more likely a good position is.

The time factor – patience is important

If you have implemented the above tips and are now waiting for Google to honor your actions, you need to be patient. It takes an indefinite amount of time until the search engines have implemented the optimizations.

The time it takes for the first improvements to appear in the ranking depends on many factors. New websites have a harder time than existing websites that have been around for years.

Other factors:

  • Competitive situation
  • Website structure and scope
  • Relevance of the content
  • The site
  • User experience
  • Incoming links
  • Keyword type

How long does SEO take to get results?

It can be a few days or several months before the optimizations are noticeable. According to Google, the measurable success is between 4 and 12 months. There is no reliable answer to the question of how long SEO takes. Optimizations for local SEO are more visible than optimizations on a global level.

Quick success with advertising campaigns

You can use paid advertising campaigns for quick sales and to acquire new customers. The advantage here is that you immediately have visitors on your site. An optimized advertising campaign delivers short-term results, increases traffic and provides insights that can be taken into account when further optimizing the website.


Up until about 10 years ago it was still relatively easy to optimize a website for a search engine and to get to the top of the search results. The algorithms behind the databases were simple and prone to manipulation.

In the meantime, search engine optimization has become more complex and important than ever, in order not to leave customers to the competition.
Search engine optimization has become a craft for SEO experts who can recognize the potential of a website and optimize the recording of content for search engines with their measures.


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