The Demon Slayer was a big hit with the fans. But was it enough to suggest a second season? Let’s move on!

The demon killer or Kimetsu no Yaiba has become one of the most popular new animals. In just one season Anime has managed to enchant audiences all over the world with his storytelling of screams and amazing fight scenes. It’s easy to understand why boys between the ages of 8 and 18 love him so much.

The Demon Slayer is made by Studio Ufotable from the Japanese manga series Koyoharu Gotooge. The premiere of the first season of the adapted anime took place on the 6th. April 2019 to 28 April 2019. September 2019.  But with the end of the first season everyone is curious if Studio Ufotable will work in the second season or not. Well, let’s look into it.

Is the Demon Slayer coming back for the second season?


It’s no secret that fans of the series are calling for season two and urging Studio Ufotable to make a quick decision. For the time being, Ufotable hasn’t announced anything about the second season yet. But with Trinity, we’re 100% sure she’s coming back. Why are we so sure of ourselves, you may ask? Well, first of all, there’s the content. 3 parts of the manga are not included in season 1 of Anime, and Koyoharu Gothuje will celebrate the 17th anniversary of his death. Manga Band on 4. October. There’s also no indication that Gotooge will be stopping any time soon. And with 8.48/10 of the 11.000 votes on MyAnimeList it is clearly a very popular show.

Another thing is the general popularity of anime, but also of manga. In May 2019, manga sales exceeded six million, which is unthinkable. We’d be very surprised if the fair was cancelled. The only major problem that can lead to cancellation of the program is the complete studio schedule. Ufotable is a small studio and they are not allowed to release season 2 of Demon Slayer or work on their other successful projects. And since the company usually works on one major project per year, we can see the cancellation after the movie or wait a long time. The programme can also form the basis for a larger studio project. Time will tell.

When can we expect a demon killer 2×02 ?

Season 1 of Demon Slayer was so successful that Studio Ufotable announced shortly afterwards that the film Demon Slayer was in production. The premiere of the film is scheduled for the 4th. This should happen in the second quarter of 2020. We even recently received a trailer.

But for the second season of the series there is no official announcement yet. New seasons of Animov usually last quite long, so in the end we have to wait years before we even get an announcement for an extension. For the time being, our best estimate is 2022. We will keep you informed about all the news of the new season. But at least as long as you can watch the movie.

What is the subject of the film Demon Slayer?

Demon killer: Demonic train arch

The film Demon Slayer is getting ready for release and it has been confirmed that the director of the first season of the series, Haruo Sotozaki, will be back. The movie was called The Demon Slayer: Demon Railroad Arc of Kimetsu no Yaiba : Mugen Resha-Hen. As the title indicates, the film will revolve around a train of demons and will be a cinematic adaptation of the film Demon Slayer : An endless train. The film continues after the last events of the first season, when we saw the main characters board the Infinity train.

When will Engels Eiken voor Demonen be available in Season 1?

The demon killer is coming to Tunami.

Adult swimmers officially announced this on the 12th. In October the premiere of Demon Slayer’s Season 1 English Dub will take place in Tunami. The announcement was made to the delight of many fans on the official Facebook page of Toonami. First full season of Crunchyroll with Japanese sound and English subtitles, but for English speakers it will be much easier to enjoy the show if it is dubbed in English.

What is a Demon Slayer?


The show follows a little boy named Tangiro Kamado. He sells charcoal on the streets to feed his family, but one day, on his way home from the sale of charcoal, he discovers that his entire family has been attacked and killed by demons known by their names. Only her sister Nezuko survived the attack, but unfortunately she became a demon herself. Then Tangier will take revenge on the demon and kill them all. He’s also trying to save his little sister from the situation she’s in.

What do the fans of season 2 of the Demon Slayer think?



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