Charlotte’s first season was very well received by both fans and critics. Now everyone is looking forward to the information about the second season.

Charlotte of Charotto is the Japanese television series Anime 2015, made by P.A.Work and Aniplex. Led by Yoshiyuki Asai, the first anime season consists of 13 episodes, starting with the 5. July to the 27th. September 2015 in Japan. After the first season, the original video animation was produced by the production company in March 2016. The original idea for the show came from Jun Maed, who also wrote the script and composed some soundtracks for the show. Charlotte’s concept came out to Maeda a long time ago, and in 2012, after finishing work on Angel Beats! she was asked to work on another anime series! After the broadcast of Charlotte in season 1, she was highly appreciated for her substantive and expressive moments. But the show was also criticized for its pace, and while the comic elements of the show were sometimes described as stupid and trivial, the show was usually praised, with a critic describing the show as a tastemaker. Here’s everything you need to know about Charlotte’s second season.

When does Charlotte’s second season premiere take place?

Charlotte Season 2: Renewal and Release Date


Charlotte’s first season was broadcast in July 2015, the final in September 2015. There were 13 episodes in total, and each episode lasted an average of 25 minutes. Looking at the last episode, it seems that the content of the whole season has been reduced to one episode, and it would be very good to make it a brand new season. But that’s not what the tournament directors wanted, and it looks like they were planning to finish the tournament in season 1. Since Charlotte is the original anime show, there is also no original content to support the show. Since there is still a chance that the leaders of the series will enter the second season, it is likely that they will be completely new characters and that the plot will probably be a side show.

Do you already have a trailer for the second season?

No, there is no trailer for the second season of the show.

What is the main plot of the exhibition?

Charlotte Season 2: Renewal and Release Date


Charlotte is an original anime that does not follow any existing manga. The plot takes place in an alternate reality in which a short-lived comet called Charlotte comes across the earth every 75 years. When it comes to the ground, it tends to spray dust, causing teenagers to show certain superhuman abilities as early as puberty. The main conspiracy is dedicated to the protagonist Yuu Otosaka, who has the ability to possess a human body in five seconds. While he first hopes to use this ability to swim smoothly in high school, he is eventually exposed to Nao Tomori, who has the ability to make himself invisible for his special purpose. After exposure, Yuu is forced to transfer to the Hoshinomi Academy and become a member of the student council. Jojiro Takazo is a member of the student council and has the ability to move at superhuman speed. The main task of the student council is to ensure the safety of persons with abilities, and the student council warns them of the danger of using their powers openly. The student council is headed by a girl named Yusa Nishimori, who has the power to guide the spirits of the dead through the media. Yusa Misa’s older sister, who died, often uses this ability to control her body, and it helps her to use her ability, pyrokinesis.

Where are the listed episodes in English?

Episodes of the show in English can be viewed on their official website and on Crunchyroll.

Who are the main actors in the exhibition?

Yusa Kurobane– Yusa is a prominent member of the Student Council, which is also a pop icon. She has the ability to talk to the dead, but she has a serious mistake. She’s often obsessed with her dead sister, which changes her whole appearance.

Ayumi Otosaka– Described as a happy and cheerful person, Ayumi is a very caring person and does everything for her brother Yuu. She is also a big fan of Yusa Nishimori, but every time she looks at Yusa, she starts spraying blood through her nose.

Yuu Otosaka– As the main character in the exhibition Yuu is described as a nice high school student who can cheat on exams because of his supernatural powers. At the beginning of the series he is portrayed as a very narcissistic man who only cares about himself.



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