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B: Beginning Season 2: Everything that we know so far

B: Beginning Season 2: Everything that we know so far

When the Post-Credits appeared after the first season, fans of B : The start of the second season, which was confirmed in June 2018, was eagerly awaited. Since then, a dedicated fandom has been keen to learn more about what happened to this story,

B: Beginning Season 2: Everything that we know so far

Unlike most other anime in the world, B: Begin is an original concept that is not based on simple novels or manga series. The story is written by Katsuya Ishida, directed by Kazuto Nakazawa and Yoshiki Yamakawa and produced by the GI producer.

The story takes place in a fictional and progressive nation of Cremona. The eponymous B-killer is one of the main characters in the series that plunged the city into chaos. The other characters are the protagonist Koku, Keith, the legendary researcher of the Royal Investigation Service (RIS), and the sinister organisation whose paths cross to achieve their goals.

The story focuses partly on two characters: One is Keith, a brilliant investigator involved in investigating the atrocities of a serial killer known as Killer B; the other is a young man apparently called Cuckold who is actually a stranger looking for his lost partner. By coincidence, the two characters eventually meet, and together they encounter a secret organization, a mysterious plan to awaken the gods, and a prophecy that predicts the appearance of a creature known as the Black King.

So, as you can see B: The early was praised for its elements of fiction and detective drama, which is not the case for many programs. But this series not only balances these two genres, it also interprets them masterfully. Moreover, the plots of the two main characters are presented on screen almost simultaneously, making the show even more exciting and exciting.

However, the plot of the series is rather confusing, which can be painful to understand for those who are not used to this kind of thing. Moreover, both protagonists were doing pretty well, even though Keith actually seems more serious and realistic than Koku. Even more impressive than the way the characters fit into their roles, the series manages to bring out nuances of mystery and excitement in each episode, making it a real treat for lovers of science fiction and/or crime.

Maybe the show doesn’t end until the end of the first season, because she’s trying too hard to keep the plot.

End of season 1 (spoiler)

B: Beginning Season 2: Everything that we know so far

B : Start it up.

Led by Nakazawa, he presented the full story, which ends after episode 12. But it also shows that Koku and Keith’s main goal has now been achieved, namely that Yuna will not get into trouble again.

In episode 12 of the credits scene, Kirisame is shown as if he survived, although Koku had his blue steel arm cut off at the beginning of this season. Kirisame was seen reporting to the author because he had left Koku Reggie. He says he’ll keep his promise to see Coke again.

Kirisame dialogue:

I didn’t tell you that. That’s what you get for leaving Reggie’s stuff. This time I’m going. I still need to get my left hand back from him.

After graduation, Mr. Nakawaz was asked if he wanted or was considering a second job. However, his answer seems to indicate that it’s all on Netflix:

I think there are a lot of interpretations, but I think each story is just part of a big story. I think the story continues to represent my own feelings, but I don’t know if it does… or if it doesn’t.

In an interview in 2018, Mitsukhisa Ishikawa, Director General of the IG of producers, expressed the same thoughts. Ishikawa said that the end of the first season was designed so that the public could say that I would like to see season 2, if that’s what it is.

Ishikawa continued: It will be a pity that season 1 is coming to an end, both for the public and for Netflix. So if you can request a sequel, it will be a pleasure for us creators.

We can conclude that Netflix and GI production should definitely reach the second season for B:. Start. This is the story of Killer B, alias Lohengrin, and the two fossils found at Jetcherne need a second season to give more subculture to this subconcentrator. And since Kirisame is still breathing, the story could continue to focus on him and the stranger who spoke to him.

When can I expect the release date?

The second season has indeed been confirmed, but at the time of writing the official release date of B:has not yet been set. launches season 2 of on Netflix. But as soon as we have something, we will definitely keep you and this site informed. However, it is possible to speculate when the price could drop next season.

Since the announcement of the second season has already been made in June 2018, it can be assumed that it will decrease in a year’s time, as production is not really that long. And since we’re already in the heat wave period and summer without a fixed release date, we should probably give up hope for the second half of 2019.



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